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字体:   打印  关闭  视力保护色 杏仁黄 秋叶褐 胭脂红 芥末绿 天蓝 雪青 灰 雪白
  职场上的竞争有如无形的战争,虽没有刀光剑影,却也是险象环生。面对众多竞争对手,你是否拥有自己的法宝?现在,让双语职场为你献上一计:如何用英文做简报!睁大眼睛好好看咯,这样一件法宝可不是谁都能拥有的哦。   Part I Opening A Presentation 开场白   Jackson Wu is the Marketing Manager for Notson Limited in Beijing, a company that produces fashion sunglasses for men and women. In view of the development prospects of the Chinese market at present, he does some market research.   Today, he does a presentation to all members of the Marketing Department, describing the current situation and future development prospect.   Jackson Wu是北京诺森公司的市场部经理,此公司专门生产时尚太阳镜。鉴于目前中国市场的发展前景,他做了一个行销企划。今天,他要向部门全体成员做一个简报,描述市场现状以及未来发展前景。   Jackson: Good morning everyone and thanks for coming. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Jackson Wu, and I'm the Marketing Manager in Beijing for Notson Limited. I'm here today to present our new ①marketing plan, which is designed to introduce our products to the wealthy Chinese market. Our research shows that there are big profits waiting to be tapped here in China, so we're excited at the opportunities we see for Notson. I hope that some of our excitement and enthusiasm will rub off on all of you.   Jackson:早上好,感谢各位今天的莅临,我是Jackson,诺森公司北京地区的市场部经理。今天在这里向各位说明本公司的行销企划,是针对本公司如何将产品打入富裕的中国市场所拟定的。据调查,中国市场存在丰厚的利润潜力,对此绝佳的机会,我们感到十分兴奋,同时也希望能把这种激动的心情传达给在座各位。   Jackson: I'd like to start off by outlining a few ②facts and figures about the consumer market in China. Then, I'll go over the ③standard types of advertising that have been successful for similar products in China in the past, including some recent campaigns that you may have seen. After that, I'll introduce our analysis of the current opportunities that exist in the Chinese market as we see them. Finally, I’ll finish by explaining how we will go about entering the Chinese market, based on conclusions from our research. A booklet on the marketing plan will be handed out after the presentation, and it will give you all the details that we’ll be discussing here today. There will be time at the end of the presentation for questions and a general discussion, so please leave asking your questions until then. Ok, as we’re all running to a ④tight schedule, I'd like to get to the first point, the ⑤current state of China’s consumer market.   Jackson:我首先会汇报一些中国消费市场的实际情况与数据;然后,再说明过去比较成功的典型广告案例,包括近来大家都知道的一些例子。接着,我会给大家分析目前中国市场潜在的机会。最后,通过市场调查得出的结论,我将向大家说明如何打入中国市场的问题。简报之后,我将发给各位一本关于这份行销计划的报告书,里面写得非常详细。简报结束后,是大家自由发问和讨论的时间。因此,若你们有任何问题,请介时提出。我知道大家都很忙,我想马上开始介绍今天简报的第一项主题:中国消费市场的现况。   关键词   present / / v. 介绍   research / / v. n. 研究   profits / / n. 利润advertising / / n. 广告   booklet / / n. 小册子   好用句   ① marketing plan 行销计划   A: John, tomorrow can you give me this month’s marketing plan?   A:约翰,明天可以把本月行销计划给我吗?   B: Sure.   B:可以。   ② facts and figures 实际情况与数据   A: Mary, I need the facts and figures for sales in North China. But what’s this?   A:玛丽,我需要的是华北地区的实际销售情况和数据。但你给我的是什么?   B: I am awfully sorry this. I’ll change it at once.   B:非常抱歉,我马上去修改。   ③ standard type 典型;标准类型   A: Sir, this is the standard type of air-conditioner. Which one do you prefer?   A:先生,这款正是标准类型的空调。你喜欢哪一种?   B: I still need to think it over.   B:我还需要考虑一下。   ④ tight schedule 很忙;没有空余时间   A: I know everybody has a tight schedule, anyway, we have to spend time discussing this serious problem.   A:我知道大家都很忙,但是,我们必须抽出时间来讨论这个严重的问题。   A: All right. Let’s begin.   B:既然如此,咱们就开始吧。   ⑤ current state of目前的情况   A: The current state of the economy is good.   A:目前的经济形势是挺好的。   B: Yes, I think so.   B:是的,我也这么认为。   测 验1.一上课,教科书就分发下去了。   The textbooks were ________ at the beginning of the lesson.   2.销售剧增,每个人都感受到经理的兴奋之情。   When sales shot up, the manager's cheerfulness _________ all of us.   3.主任看过我的提议后,问了很多问题。   The director _________ my proposal and asked me a lot of questions.   Answers: (1) handed out 分给   (2) rubbed off on 沾到;感染   (3) went over 浏览;仔细检查Language Focus I   面对众人的目光,你有没有找到一个合适的位置,以助你发挥自己极佳的口才,并最终达到目的呢?好,赶紧跟我学习几招秘密武器吧。   一、站的技巧   讲台之于演说者有如舞台之于演员。舞台上有些位置会使您成为观众瞩目的焦点;而有些位置却会让观众视而不见。聪明的演说者应学会站在正确的角度上,以适当的位置面对您的观众。   以下四个好点子提供您“站的技巧”:   1、讲台放置的位置以中央优于左右两旁,前方(靠近观众)胜于后方,左方又胜过右方。   2、在演示文稿时,屏幕放置在演讲者的右后侧就构成了“人为主,屏幕为辅”的效果。   3、在演示文稿时,若是屏幕位置放置在中央,则变为“屏幕重于人”。   4、无论是您的右半边脸较好看,或是左半边脸较迷人,正面整个面对观众是最强势的位置,其次是正面75度角,再而半侧面,背对则最弱。   二、演示步骤:   1、说明演示文稿目的   演示文稿者一站上讲台,不论下面的听众是否知道今天的主题,都要先介绍演示文稿的目的,这样不仅可以帮助听众了解下面要讲的内容,也是一个最普遍、正式的开场白。"I am here today to..." 就是个非常简洁实用的句型。   1. I'm here today to present our firm's marketing plan.   2. My purpose today is to present our firm's marketing plan.   3. My goal for this meeting is to present our firm's marketing plan.   4.The aim of this presentation is to present our firm's marketing plan.   5.The reason why I'm here today is to present our firm's marketing plan.   例句:I'm here today to teach you how to give presentations in English.   我今天要教各位如何以英语做演示文稿。   2、逐项说明大纲   说明演示文稿目的之后,接下来应该把演示文稿的大纲按顺序告诉听众,帮助听众掌握内容的架构。而介绍大纲的关键是要条理分明、次序清楚。比如在以上开场白中用的“I'll start with...(一开始是…)”,“Next,...(接下来是…)”,“Finally,...(最后是…)”,就是一个很好的例子。   1. I'll start with... Next,... Finally,...   2. First,... Second,... Third (and last)...   3.To begin with... Moving right along,... To close...   4.I'll open with... Then I'll... And I'll wrap up with...   5.Step one is to... After that we'll... And our final step is to...   例句:I'll start with a short history of our company. Next, I'll explain how we designed our product. Finally, I'll bring our demonstration model so you can all have a look.   我首先要简介本公司的历史;接下来,解释产品的设计方式,最后,我会让大家看看展示的机型。   3、进入正题   在开始讨论不同的主题之前,还是要把该段内容的重点提一下,这样可以帮助自己和听众有条理地说和听。   “I'd like to introduce...”是个很普遍的句型,可以清楚的告知观众,就要进入某个主题了。“introduce”是动词,“介绍”的意思,后面所接的名词词组即为要被讨论的主题。“I'd like to”是“I want to” 的客气说法。   1.I'd like to introduce the first point - the current state of Taiwan's health and beauty market.   2.Now I'll go over the first point - the current state of Taiwan's health and beauty market.   3.Now I'll review the first point - the current state of Taiwan's health and beauty market.   4.I'm going to consider the first point - the current state of Taiwan's health and beauty market.   5.It's time to discuss the first point - the current state of Taiwan's health and beauty market.   例句:Now that you know why I'm here and what I hope to do, I'd like to introduce the first topic- the danger of gambling in the stock market.   各位都已经知道我在此的目的以及我要做的事,那我现在就介绍第一个主题-炒股票的危险。   Language Focus II   rub off on 沾到;感染   "rub" 原是“磨擦”的意思,而 "rub off" 则指“擦掉”;"rub off on"是美式用法,它的解释是“把(某物)擦掉,再把它抹于另一件物品上”。引申有“将个人想法、行为影响了他人或把情绪感染给别人”的喻意。值得注意的是,这词组是以事为主词,而不是人。   e.g. Since you're new to the team, I hope some of my confidence will rub off on you.   既然你刚到这个团队,希望我的一些自信能感染你。   go over 浏览 仔细检查   这个词组有两层意思:一是指把某个文件看过一下或事情讨论一遍,只要得到一个基本概念就好;另一个意思则是精密地审查。   e.g. Let's go over some ways to make our office more efficient.   让我们很快地讨论几个使办公室更有效率的办法。   hand out 分给   "hand"在此作动词,为“提交、递送”。"hand out"的意思是“散发;把东西分发给一群人”,采用被动式 "be handed out",主词为被发给的物品。名词为"handout",指“发下来的影本、印刷品”等。   e.g. Extra paper will be handed out to students who need it during the examination.   考试时会把额外的纸张分给有需要的同学。PART II Using Visual Aids 使用视听教材   要让听众彻底了解你的计划,光凭口才还不行。都说“百闻不如一见”,做简报时,若能提供看得见的资料,再给观众一些具体可及的线索,那么这场简报就成功一半了。   现在,Jackson就准备了一些醒目有力的幻灯片来增强简报的效果。   Jackson: I’ve prepared a short PowerPoint presentation, to give you a general introduction to the Chinese market as we see it. Please direct your attention to the screen behind me and I’ll dim the lights. The Beijing area, with a population of over 13 million people, is the trendsetter for the nation. As you can see from these photos of people in the ⑥business area, both men and women are very style-conscious. They have an eye for glamour and good looks, and are willing to spend money to get the look they want. But, as you will also notice, in this photo of a crowded street on a sunny day in Beijing, there are only about 1/5 people out of about 300 wearing sunglasses. And that’s the challenge right there. We have to build demand for our product and create a market.   Jackson:我准备了一段简短的幻灯片演示文稿,让大家对中国市场的现况都有个大概的了解。现在我要把灯光调暗,请大家看着我背后的屏幕。拥有超过1300万人口的北京,是国内流行趋势的带领者。从这些拍自于商业区的照片可以看到,不管男女都很注重打扮,对魅力和美貌的看法也很独特,而且舍得花钱塑造自己的外表。但是,大家也应注意到,在拍自北京炎热的夏日某拥挤街道上的这幅照片上,在300多号人中,仅有约1/5的人戴太阳镜。这也正是我们需要面对的挑战。我们必须唤起人们对太阳镜的需求,并建立这样一个消费市场。   Jackson: This next shows the accessories section of a typical boutique department store; lots of famous brands from Japan, Europe, and the States, plus ⑦a broad range of ⑧domestic brands, bags, belts, watches etc. This is where we would like to be. People, this is without a doubt, a ⑨challenging market. With little current demand, we have a huge task ahead of us to build a target market and successfully sale our product to this massive consumer base. Moving on to Beijing's younger consumer market...hmm, that color text is a bit hard to read. I'm sorry for the delay; it will only take a moment to change the color so we can read it...There, that's better. As I was saying...   Jackson:下面这张是一家典型购物中心的装饰用品商业区图片,有数十种来自日本、欧洲和美国的名牌产品,还有各式国内产品,包括背包,皮带,手表等。这正是我们需要开拓的市场。各位,毫无疑问,这是一个竞争激烈的市场。因为目前市场需求量不够大,我们的任务很艰巨,我们需要建立一个目标市场,把产品成功地打进这些消费领域。接下来看看北京年轻人的消费市场状况……噢,这张幻灯片文字的颜色不是很好,看不清楚。很抱歉,耽误一下,我只需改变一下文字的颜色,马上就好……好了,正如我刚才所说的……   关键词 PowerPoint / / n. 幻灯片   screen / / n. 屏幕   dim / / v. (把灯)调暗   trendsetter / / n. 创造流行的人   glamour / / n. 魅力   boutique / / n. 流行服饰店   accessory / / n. 附件;附属品plus / / prep. 以及;还有   好用句   ⑥ business area 商业区   A: Do you know the most famous business areas in Beijing?   A:你知道北京有名的商业区吗?   B: Sure. They are Wangfujing, Xidan, Xiushuijie and so on.   B:知道。包括王府井,西单,秀水街等等。   ⑦ a broad range of 样式(种类)繁多的   A: Come to my brother’s shop. He has a broad range of brands there.   A:去我哥的店里购物吧,他那儿有各种品牌的商品。   B: I don’t know what I want to buy.   B:我都不知道我想买什么。   ⑧ domestic brand 国内品牌,国产品   A: Which brand of cosmetics do you prefer? Domestic brand or international brand?   A:你喜欢用哪种品牌的化妆品?国内品牌还是国际品牌?   B: International brand. But it is a little bit expensive.   B:国际品牌,只是有点儿贵。   ⑨ challenging market 竞争的市场   A: Everyone can see it is a challenging market. We have to try our best.   A:大家都看到了,市场竞争很激烈。我们一定要努力。   B: Yes. We still need to do a lot of things to cultivate the market.   B:是的。我们还要做许多事情去开拓市场。   测 验1. 这毫无疑问是我们最丰收的一年。   This is _______ the best year we've had!   2.她是行销方面的高手,因为她对有效的广告独具慧眼。   She's great at marketing because she _______ effective ads.   3.从她脸上的化妆到脚上穿的鞋子,就可看出她相当注重打扮。   From her makeup to her shoes, you could tell she was _______   Answers:   (1) without a doubt 毫无疑问   (2) has an eye for 对……有独到的眼光   (3) style-conscious 注意打扮的   Language Focus III   您相信“一张图胜于千言万语”吧!事实上,图片不但和人一样能说话,而且还更具有说服力。因此在做演示文稿时,如果能适当辅以一些视听媒体,必能将说明烘托得更精彩。以下介绍几种常用的辅助媒体,并分析其优、缺点,千万要用心记住哦。   1、在演示文稿时,以白板为演示文稿媒体   优点:   ‧适用于交代文字、重点、标题或草图。   ‧使用简单,费用低廉。   缺点:   ‧ 报告者的个人技巧关系成败。   ‧ 无法表现实物或详图,真实感较低。   2、在演示文稿时,以投影片作为演示文稿媒体   优点:   ‧毋须关灯,在室内正常的光线下即可展示投影片。   ‧报告者可面对观众,与观众保持目光接触。   ‧操作简单,制作经济。   可运用各种技巧突显重点或逐条解释。   缺点:   无法投射不透明的图片,必须制作成透明的影片。   ‧放映的影像常有变形的现象。   3、在演示文稿时,以幻灯片作为演示文稿媒体   优点:   ‧可依目的组合幻灯片的顺序。   ‧可放映高品质、有真实感的彩色图片。   ‧可加上音乐。   ‧制作并不困难。   缺点:   ‧幻灯片的顺序易于颠倒弄乱。   ‧制作费较高。   ‧放映时必须关灯,不方便观众作笔记。   4、在演示文稿时,以录像带作为演示文稿媒体   优点:   ‧适用于表现连续动作,可结合连续的动作与静态的图片。   ‧使观众有身临其境之感。   ‧操作放映相当容易。   缺点:   ‧棚内作业,制作费较高。   ‧不如投影片或幻灯片,可随时指出某一重点作说明。   ‧一般屏幕不适于大型演讲场合,只适用于观众人数较少时。   请观众注意某处   在开始放幻灯片或投影片等视听辅助器材之前,必须提醒在场的观众,请他们注意。   “Please direct your attention to...”是个直接又常用的说法。“direct”当动词是说“将(注意力、目光)导引到…”,介词可用“to”或“at”;“attention”是“注意、用心”的意思,说话时常在这个词组前加“please”以表示礼貌。   1.Please direct your attention to the screen behind me.   2.Please focus on the screen behind me.   3.Now let's take a look at the screen behind me.   4.I'd like you to look at the screen behind me.   5.Could you please look at the screen behind me?   例句:If you will please direct your attention to the map on the wall, I'll point out the area of the planned stadium.   请各位看那面墙上的地图,我会指出运动场的预定位置。   说明幻灯片的内容   放影片时,应该一边说明影片的内容,帮助观众了解,但只要间歇说明即可,让观众也有时间自己看。   “As you can see from...”这个句型即是请观众注意眼前的影像,并把所要讲的话与影片相印证。“as”在此当连接词,是“正如(你们所看到的…)”的意思。   1.As you can see from these photos of ... both men and women are style-conscious.   2.These photos of ... Indicate that both men and women are style-conscious.。   3.These photos of ... show that both men and women are style-conscious.   4.These photos of ... prove that both men and women are style-conscious.   5.These photos of ... highlight the fact that both men and women are style-conscious.   例句:As you can see from the chart, profits rose 12% last year.   正如你们从这张图看到的,去年的利润提高了百分之十二。   为失误道歉   演示文稿中使用视听辅助器材时,偶尔会发生些小问题,如果那个问题是在场者都察觉得到的,就应该立即大方道歉。   “I'm sorry for the delay.”这个说法是因为耽误了观众的时间而直接表达歉意。“delay”在这个句型中当名词,意思是“耽误时间”。   1.I'm sorry for the delay; it will only take a moment to flip the slide.   2.I apologize for the technical difficulties; it will only take a moment to flip the slide.   3.Please pardon the error; it will only take a moment to flip the slide.   4.I'm sorry for the inconvenience; it will only take a moment to flip the slide.   5.I hope you will excuse the delay; it will only take a moment to flip the slide.   例句:I'm sorry for the delay; my technician will have the VCR fixed as quickly as possible.   抱歉耽误各位的时间,技术人员会尽快把这部录放机修好。   Language Focus IV   style-conscious 注意打扮的   “style”有“时尚;风格;品格”的意思,在这里则偏向“流行(样式)”之意。“conscious”,“有自觉的”。这两个字合成一个形容词,指“注意流行风尚的”,引申为“着重外表打扮的”。   e.g. She was so style-conscious; she read every fashion magazine she could find.   她非常注重打扮,每一本谈流行的杂志她都看。   have an eye for 对……有独到的眼光   “eye”的意思并不只有「眼睛」,也可指“眼光;观察力”,在此是指“欣赏事物的能力”,与“appreciation”同义。这个词组表示某个人对某方面的事物或人有独特而正确的鉴赏能力,能够看出别人所无法察觉的价值。而另一个用法相似的“have an ear for”意思是“对…音乐、声音有独到的鉴赏力”。   e.g. When I was young, I had an eye for pretty girls. In fact, I became an expert on the subject.   我年轻的时候,对美丽的女孩有独到的眼光;事实上,我变成了这方面的专家。   without a doubt 毫无疑问   “doubt”可当动、名词使用,意思是“疑问、怀疑”,“without”则是“没有”,合在一起是副词词组,表示“毫无疑问”。这个词组亦可代换成“certainly”或“surely”,但语气比这两个字强烈得多。   e.g. Without a doubt you have hepatitis--the blood test proves it.   你无疑是患了肝炎,验血证实了这一点。

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